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Videography Services

Our videography services are just what you need in todays fast-paced digital environment. Video Shooting (Filming): We handle events big and small. We come to your location and shoot footage of your service, products, seminars, workshops, annual events or other. We also film your speeches, elevator pitches, and client testimonials that can be used in TV ads, YouTube, Vimeo or other platforms.

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What You Dont’ Know Will Hurt You!


Gatewood Offers Marketing Workshops for Busy Business Owners! There is so much to learn when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, most business owners can’t take time off from their businesses to go back to school. Also many believe that teachers are boring, and haven’t “practiced what they preach”. That’s where Robert Gatewood comes in.

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Gatewood Provides Business Networking Event!

The First Friday Networking Event is the best-known, longest-standing, and most results-oriented  business gathering in the Washington DC area. The group tackles challenges and presents opportunities that are common to most businesses, non-profits, employers, contractors, and those seeking employment. Some of the top minds in the business community contribute to the dialogue, including Business Developer and Marketing Pulpit Radio Show host, Robert Gatewood, MBA.

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