Madison-Gatewood-at-XM“If you have a non-profit organization or a business, I strongly recommend Gatewood for your marketing, web and/or workforce needs. These guys don’t play.  They tell you what you what they are going to do, then they do it. They have been my webmaster for many years and I’m happy to have them on the team.”

-Joe Madison, Human Rights Activist and Radio Personality, – Washington, DC

“Gatewood really understands the web and marketing process. He really helped me get my company out there!”
-Michael Rosier, Esq., The Law Firm of Rosier & Associates – Lanham, MD

“If you are just starting a business you need to contact Gatewood. They wrote my business plan, designed my logo, created my website, and provided excellent advice. Just when I thought there was no more they could do for the money I paid, they provided a meeting room for me to meet with my landlord to negotiate my lease … AND Mr. Gatewood helped me negotiate a great deal!!” -Business Owner, Joycelyn Forbes, Malama Adult Day Camp

“Gatewood is not just a web company as I have delightfully discovered.  They also provide very sound business advice.  They have a genuine concern for the bottom line of its clients.  They listen to what you think you want and they then suggest what you actually need in order to attain your objectives. They have always been fair and I have recommended them to others.” -Earl Ofari Hutchinson, PHD, Author and Editorial Commentator, – Inglewood, California

“Thank you Gatewood for your company’s marketing expertise which included, designing my company’s literature, our pay per click, campaign and redesigning my website. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the website. Some clients to tell me that the website is what made them decide to call. I have recommended you to others.” -Dr. Stephanie Bowling, Psychologist – Laurel, MD

“Excellent company! I have been telling people that are in business or thinking about it to call Gatewood!” -Debra McFadgen, Cake Designer

“The Marshall’ family would like to thank you, for your generosity towards Jasmine’s vision in helping the homeless. You listened to us when we called, and you understood how important this cause was. When we spoke to you on the phone, you were made aware that we had a very very low budget to work with.  After speaking to you it felt like it wouldn’t make a difference whether we had money or not. You welcome this project with wide open arms.  You did not just stop there, you went out of your way to make this project a priority. You kept your word and our family will forever be grateful to you. We are sure that in the near future, hundreds and thousands of homeless men, women, and children will benefit as a result of your help.

 We are very very pleased with the whole project and your professionalism. You listened to us and build our website without a single problem. You and your staff are just a joy to work with. Once again many thanks to you, may God Bless you and your family and may your business be blessed and soar to a new heights.” – Yours Respectfully, The Marshall’s Family, JEM Foundation Of Hope.

“Just like your slogan states, you have really “made me shine”.  I have received so many compliments regarding my website. In fact, I’m in the process of putting together a novelty store on the web and, just like before, I would like to use your professional expertise to bring it to light. Thank you Gatewood!” -Bernard White, Charlotte, NC

“Gatewood was so personally vested in our company’s success. They listened, gave suggestions, asked questions until they fully understood the Red Aster concept.  The result was an effective & impressive web presence, a catchy advertising campaign, and a beautiful packaging design for our DVD. I highly recommend them to anyone contemplating a new business venture.” -Esther Merriweather,  Chef and Business Owner

“I absolutely love my new web site.  I couldn’t believe that you had my site up in running in just 2 weeks, just like you promised. You guys are the best. I will tell other business owners how you helped get my business off to an excellent start.”
-Carmilla Wheeler, Software Security Expert and Business Owner, – Ft Washington, MD

“The sight looks soooooo good.  I absolutely love it.  I love the colors and the photos and just everything.  Thanks a bunch. You’re the best!!!!!”  -Dr. Elaine Stevens, Speaker and Relationship Psychologist, Charlotte, NC

“WOW! I love it! The website looks great.  So far, everyone has told me that they love the website.  You did an excellent job! And thanks for teaching me how to make my own updates to the site!” -Jacquie Gales Webb, Executive Producer and Radio Personality, -Washington, DC


gaetwood-speaking-giving-sermon“This guy is very good! Has great ability to communicate the ideas and the benefits!”
-Jim Koshmider

“The instructor was knowledgeable about all the subject matter … overall, EXCELLENT!”
-Ronald Coleman

“The information was clear and simple. I Iiked tthe strategies we can implement tomorrow!”
-Anita Lee

“The instructor was so down to earth and realistic. That made everything so clear and easy to learn. It was also exciting, and kept everyone’s attention from the beginning to the end.”
-Yvonne Coleman

“The instructor was very informative and relayed practical principles. I would take another class offered by this instructor.”
-Monica Bounds


“The information was very helpful and it applies to the construction business that I’m in.”
-Eric Wynes

“I found the “Most Advertising Doesn’t Work” seminar to be one of the most informative and critically important business seminars I’ve ever attended. The delivery was crystal clear, well organized, and had an unassailable logic that lead to an ultimate conclusion.  Mr. Gatewood did an outstanding job. Now if we fail to to market effectively, the fault is totally ours. Thank you for a stellar seminar.”
-Herb Brown, Publisher and Business Owner – Washington, DC –

“I am so busy that I could never find the  time to attend the “Most Advertising Doesn’t Work” class; therefore I was very pleased to find out that the video was available. I thoroughly enjoyed the  video. I found it most informative. I eagerly look forward to purchasing additional videos.  I will recommend that individuals considering starting a business, and those currently conducting business, purchase a copy of the video and / or attend your classes.”
-Charles Woods, Security Expert and Business Owner – Columbia, MD –

“Every business owner should see the “Why Most Advertising Doesn’t Work” presentation. Most people really don’t understand the complexities of advertising. As I sat there listening to Robert speak, I was jotting down ideas that I knew I would implement as soon as I got back to the office. I found it unbelievable that I could receive so much valuable information for so little money.”
-Hilton Davis, CEO, Diet-to-Go – Lorton, VA

“Mr. Gatewood provided real-world examples. He kep the class very interesting. It was service that exceeded the cost. It was priceless. I am recommended this course to all of my employees and business partners.”
-Chris Shields

“Prefect Class!”
-Bako Ambiando

“Mr. Gatewood was an excellent instructor. I learned and understood a lot. He explained everything so that the class could understand.”
– Lee Faulcon

“Mr. Gatewood was a great instructor. He was knowledgeable, funny, interesting and charismatic. I would encourage others to attend this course.”
-Felicia Strand

“A wealth of information. Concise and to the point.”
-Kenneth Roseborough

“The instructor is billiant at what he does. I learned so much more than I expected and gained confidence that if I follow Mr. Gatewood’s instructions, I will be successfull.

There are not enough positive quotes to describe how great this class was.”
-Talakea Saunders

“Great instructor! Love the knowledge and skills he brought to the table.”
-Dana Daniels

“Instructor was connected to the class, gave very good illustrations, gave very practical information and was very easy to understand.”
-Sharron Dansby, Author

“Excellent class! Nothing wasted!”
-Rawle King

“His teaching style is what I enjoyed most!”
-Avis Freeman

-Anthony Craft

“Mr. Gatewood is a wondeful presenter.”
-Nicole Wiley

“Thorough, competent and exciting!”
-Gerald Brown, Enternity Plumbing

“Excellent course material. Explained how to use the marketing concept and build the advertising component for my business.”
-Sharon Ransom, Sculptured Planning

“Very good real-life information.”
-Renee Taylor, Day Care Provider and Business Owner –  PG County, MD

“This class was very very good and directly to the point. The subject matter was succinct and without unnecessary fillers. The goals and objectives were clear and the instructor was excellent in his knowledge of the subject matter.”
-Dr. Robert Gregg, Physician and Business Owner – Fort Washington, MD –

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class. It was concise, informative, upbeat, at times hilarious, and well worth the time. Everything was Excellent!!”
-Lawrence C. Hacther – Temple Hills, MD

“I really enjoyed the humor and fast pace.”
-Jill Smith

“I liked the instructors enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject.”
-Bryan L. Wakefield

“Very informative and funny.”
-Dorothy Barton

“A must for small business owners.”
-Leon Fields, Leon’s Cleaning Service

“Mr. Gatewood presented the information quite thoroughly. His presentation was excellent and I left the class well informed. I recommend the class (3 W’s of Website Ownership) and look forward to taking other classes from Mr. Gatewood.”
-Angela Heard

“I feel more confident  that I’m heading in the right direction.”
-Shirley Meadows

“Really benefited from Mr. Gatewood’s expertise and advice.”
-Artheia Dingle, Precious Seed

“Very knowledgeable about the Internet and how it works for businesses.”
-Rachel Westmorland

“Thanks for being one of those inspirations along the way!”

“The seminar was very informative. Not only did you make the class enjoyable, but you made it fun. The anecdotes you used to corroborate the principles you were teaching kept me laughing the whole time.”
-Kareem Aaron

“Mr. Gatewood was excellent … provided tons of info … discussions were informative as well as humorous … quick stories helped make the point and made it easy to remember.”
-Margaret Koshmider

“So much information that is needed for the new business owner …. very important! Information that is normally too technical for a beginner was made easy to understand.”
-Karol Logan

“Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a lot of information.”
-Natalie Anderson

-Dr. Karl Finley

“More than worth the time invested!”
-Mildred Davis

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