Why Gatewood

In spite of overwhelming evidence that marketing is a must, many companies and professionals don’t adequately market and/or develop their businesses for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They are not convinced it will work
  • They don’t understand the process
  • They listen to bad advice of family and friends
  • They have been mislead or disappointed in the past
  • They think that, because they are smart, they can do it themselves
  • They don’t realize that most inexperienced, do-it-yourself marketers will fail

If you or your organization fall into one or more of the categories below, Gatewood can help you succeed.

  • Brand new companiesGatewood helps companies find government contracts
  • Established, growing companies
  • Someone transitioning from a job to entrepreneurship
  • Companies experiencing sluggish sales
  • Non-profits looking for funders and other stakeholders
  • Authors, speakers, trainers seeking to expand their audience
  • Companies introducing a new service / product
  • Companies with a great product/service but not sure how to scale it
  • Someone nearing retirement age and planning for the future
  • Companies seeking to leverage web or social media technology
  • Companies interested in government contracting
  • Someone looking for the people and resources needed to grow
  • Professionals who want to tell their story and put their best face forward
  • Generational wealth-builders who want to leave something behind

If you are ready to take the bold leap into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, or if you have already made the move but now ready to make it extremely successful, you are not alone. Get some help; talk to Gatewood; and, let us help turn your dreams of business success into a reality!

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