Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need a marketing consultant?
A marketing consultant can be very useful in helping you get the maximum return on your advertising, branding, sales, and other marketing investments.

What is the difference between advertising and marketing?
Advertising and marketing are not the same but they are intertwined. Marketing includes all the aspects of generating or enhancing demand for a product or service. Marketing helps you identify your target market, establish your market identity, and create your message. Advertising delivers that message to your market.

Can I try your services before investing any money?
Yes! We offer a FREE initial consultation during which we provide actual advice and strategy for your business or idea.

What if I just want to order some business cards from your company?
Due to the nature and demand for our services, we have a minimum service fee of $500. If you are on retainer or some other service plan, the business cards can be included in the package.

What if I want a franchise rather that starting a business from scratch?
We are an experienced and qualified franchise consulting company that represents over 400 franchises. We can assist you with franchise selection, funding and all the other aspects of helping you find a successful franchise.

Can you design a logo for my organization?
Whether it’s for a business or non-profit, our design services are the best. Not only can we design your logo, we can also include your new logo on your marketing materials such as post cards, cups, pens, tablecloths, presentation folders, signage and more.

Do you design websites, and if so, how much do they cost?
Yes! We are a leader in the supply of effective web design services. Your cost depends on several factors, including but not limited to; whether or not you are on retainer; what functions you would like for your website to perform (sell product, collect data, play audio/video, etc); whether you need content assistance or not; and other factors. Regardless of your need or level of readiness; whether you need a new website or need to upgrade the one you have; we provide the best value for your money.

Do you provide domain names and hosting services?
Yes! We offer some of the most affordable and reliable web support services in the industry. Our domains start at just $9.99 per year, and hosting at less than $3 per month. Sign up for your FREE account today, and grab your domain before someone else does!

Do I have to have a website in order to get a domain name?
No, a domain name and website are two independent processes that are merged to form your Internet presence. Your domain name (your www) can be obtained from any company that sells them, Gatewood included. It is a good idea to purchase your domain name as soon as you know what your company name will be, whether you are ready to build your website or not. Once you decide to build your website, your webmaster can help you attach the domain to your website through the DNS (domain name server) settings.

What is “Web-Based Email”, and how do I configure my email account so that I can received the mail on my desktop and/or mobile phone?
With Web-Based Email, you can check your messages from any computer equipped with an Internet connection and Web browser, and enjoy robust spam, virus and fraud protection. Plus, you can customize Web-Based Email to your exact specifications. There’s a feature for everyone. In addition to Web-Based Email, you can get your email through a desktop client or mobile device.

What type of advertising can you provide for my business?
We are a full-service advertising agency. The type of advertising we recommend for your business is determined by a variety of factors, including, your target audience, the services you offer, your budget, your capacity, your competition and other variables.

How soon will I see results from the marketing efforts?
Marketing is a process that takes time to bear fruit. You will see some immediate results from practicing proven marketing-friendly business tactics that we recommend. Over a period of weeks, months and years, you should experience a steady increase in customers, sales and profits as your marketing, advertising, sales and customer service efforts are increasingly synergized.

Why does your marketing services work better than other companies?
Our advertising strategies work because besides targeting customers, we also target important marketing metrics; including, improving your conversion on sales efforts; lowering the acquisition cost for customers; increasing the customer life-time values; and last but not least, ensuring that your service is ready for prime time.

In addition to the above, all services fall under the watchful eye of Gatewood founder, Robert Gatewood, MBA. Gatewood is not only a marketing professor, author of two marketing books, host of a marketing radio show. He also has over 25 years of marketing, business development and technology experience. He is one of the few in his field who actually “practices what he preaches.”  He skillfully combines marketing theory with practical application. Accordingly, Gatewood devises sound strategies that pass strict marketing tests, and those which a proven track record for success.

What if I like what you offer and would like to move forward?
First, schedule your FREE consultation, which can be done in person or by phone.  If you are satisfied that there is a match between your needs and our services, we offer two types of service plans, retainer-based, and flat-rate. We jointly decide which works best for you based on your need, timeline and budget.

How can I pay for your services?
We have made it extremely easy for you to make your payment and get started. You can use your credit card; use your PayPal account, or pay with a company check.