Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a marketing consultant? A marketing consultant can be very useful in helping you get the maximum return on your advertising, branding, sales, and other marketing investments. What is the difference between advertising and marketing? Advertising and marketing are not the same but they are intertwined. Marketing includes all the aspects of generating or enhancing demand for a product or service. Marketing helps you identify your target market, establish your market identity, and create your message.¬†Advertising…

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Email Setup

We know you have many options for sending and receiving email messages, but we’re pretty proud of Web-Based Email. Check it out for yourself. With Web-Based Email, you can check your messages from any computer equipped with an Internet connection and Web browser, and enjoy robust spam, virus and fraud protection. Plus, you can customize Web-Based Email to your exact specifications. There’s a feature for everyone. Take a moment and check out the features. We think you’ll like them….

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