Social Media Services

If you believe that there are people who you know, but don’t really know what you do! And if you believe that there are people that know what you do, but don’t really know you, then social media can add a new dimension to your goals and upward mobility.

We help you understand how social media works and why it is too important too ignore. Our services include strategy, training and implementation in the following areas:

Network Selection – Every network is not for everyone or every organization. You can do more harm than good by getting this wrong.

Network Setup – We’ll show you why you need to take this step seriously and then show you how to brand your networks as well as how to manage the privacy settings.

Content Strategy – You don’t have to be Shakespeare to provide good content for your social media networks, but you do need a plan on how to fill your pages with engaging content.

Engagement Strategy – When it comes to who and how to people who will help you grow, there is method to the madness. We’ll show you who to engage and how to draw them into your circle.

Scheduling – Somethings are too important to leave to chance. Your social media activities are one of those things. We’ll help you develop a schedule based on your time and other resources.

Efficiency Tools – Some networks offer tools to increase your operational efficiency and help your reduce productivity costs for common tasks. We`ll show how to put your social media networks to work!

Website Readiness – Once your social media is cooking on all cylinders, your website needs to be ready for the increased attention. We`ll show you what your website should include and how to synergize your efforts.

A Market Too Big to Ignore