Jingles & Audio Ads

If you thought your new logo created a buzz, just wait until your clients and colleagues hear your own customized jingle. That original tune you’ve been carrying around in your head since high school can now become a professionally produced jingle along with professional music and professional studio singers.

If you prefer, we can produce a jingle from scratch, based on your service and target market.

Once upon a time, only companies that could afford radio and TV spots could benefit from a jingle. Now, thanks to the Internet, your jingle can be delivered to anyone with a computer.
Gatewood Marketing provides one-stop shopping for all of your jingle needs. Services include:

  • Lyric Writing – We’ll put the words to your company’s vision, and turn it into a song.
  • Music Production – Our talented production team will produce just the right tune for your target audience.
  • Studio Singers – Our singers harmoniously blend your product selection with your company’s message
  • Radio Ads – Let us include your jingle in your radio promotion.
  • Web Ads  – We’ll add your jingle to your opening web page, complete with “on and off” buttons.
  • Digital Files  – We’ll deliver your jingle or ad on a CD or deliver it directly to your Dropbox, in MP3, WAV or other user-friendly musical formats.
  • And More! – Yes, we do that too! If you don’t see it here, just ask!

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