Workforce Development


Workforce Development is an employment initiative service. It is an essential tool in creating, sustaining and retaining a viable workforce. Through workforce development, communities are able to sustain a healthy economic supply chain.

For Organizations – Staffing
Workforce development can help companies and small businesses tap into new markets and grow nationally or globally. Through workforce development, companies are able to increase their cross-cultural, gender and age-variety competency and create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

For Workers – Training
Workforce development also focuses on the individuals who are part of the workforce. Through workforce development, potential workers can receive training that increases their desirability and makes them a greater asset in the workforce.

Helping Those in Need
Workforce development provides assistance to those who are in disproportionately affected sectors of the community; including, veterans, mature workers, at-risk youths, handicapped and other groups that find it difficult to get and keep jobs.

workforce Building Bridges – Partnerships
Partnership development is essential to ensuring a strong workforce. Through workforce development, the capacity of local leaders is increased, and they are better equipped to create new opportunities and recruit more individuals into the workforce.

Experience – Background
Through the Prince George’s College’s B.O.S.S. Workforce Development program, Gatewood has been involved in the workforce development practice for over twelve years. Gatewood has helped many participants succeed in business, some of whom have gone on to hire workers themselves.









How We Can Help
We build economic bridges through education, training, partnering, and implementation for organizations seeking assistance in workforce development. Implementation includes but is not limited to employer outreach, setting up job fairs, career days, staff training, soft skills development, branding, etc.

For More Information
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