Gatewood Technology Tour Helps Youths and Businesses

gatewood-justin-timothyGatewood Marketing CEO, Robert Gatewood, recently traveled to NC on a mission to help prepare young men for a future that is increasingly technology-based. The event was sponsored by the non-profit, HOLLA, which partnered with the Anson County school system to present the Youth Career Connect (YCC) Motivation and Mentoring Retreat on April 8th. Gatewood broadcast his popular radio show from the event and featured HOLLA founder, Leon Gatewood, as well as two of the program’s participants and one of the teachers.

YCC is a President Obama initiative designed to retool the high school experience for America’s youth, challenging schools to scale up innovative models that personalize teaching and learning – especially in the critically important fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Gatewood’s next stop is a Web and Social Media workshop in Jackson, MS.

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