Web Development

web-social-300As with everything we do, we make sure our websites pass the marketing tests so that they get results. For instance, did you know that most websites on the Internet are designed to appeal to men even though statistics show that web use among men and women is about evenly split?  That’s because most web designers aren’t marketers… we are!  Let us show you the difference!

Gatewood provides one-stop shopping for all of your web needs. Services include:

  • General Website Design – We’ll design your website from scratch or implement your vision.
  • Domain Registration – Get your web name before someone else does … only $11.99.
  • Website Hosting – Your website needs a home, welcome to our safe, thriving neighborhood.
  • Search Engine Registration – Get the word out and let people know your website exists.
  • Social Media Strategy and Integration – Put social media to work for you. Put a strategy behind your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
  • Email Setup and Forwarding – Make sure your email address represents your company name.
  • Web Marketing & Strategy – Turn your website into a money-making machine.
  • Template Customization – Let us customize your template with the “look and feel”  of your organization.
  • Internet Banners – Get attractive banners that are sure to drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Backend Development – Process forms, store data and other interactive features.
  • E-Commerce / Merchant Accounts – Collect payments from your customers online.
  • Website Maintenance – Keep your existing website accurate, current and relevant.
  • Pay Pal Setup – Collect payments online without the merchant account fees.
  • Event Registration – Easily register the participants to your events, print tickets, attendance logs, etc.
  • Affiliate Programs – Let others sell your product for you, we’ll show you how.
  • Audio / Video – Add your video presentation,  radio / TV spot, or other content to your website
  • Message Boards – Find out what your visitors are thinking, start discussions groups with your visitors.
  • Photo Galleries – Add conference, reunion, convention, and other photos to your website.
  • And More! – Yes, we do that too! If you don’t see it here, just ask!

For a free consultation and/or quote, call 301-839-2836 or email us!