Gatewood Provides Business Networking Event!

The First Friday Networking Event is the best-known, longest-standing, and most results-oriented  business gathering in the Washington DC area. The group tackles challenges and presents opportunities that are common to most businesses, non-profits, employers, contractors, and those seeking employment. Some of the top minds in the business community contribute to the dialogue, including Business Developer and Marketing Pulpit Radio Show host, Robert Gatewood, MBA.

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Mentions on Show

The following list contains guests, businesses and / or organizations presented or mentioned on “The Marketing Pulpit” radio show: M.R.S. Tax – Tax Software | 1.866.677.1040 Upright Bakery – Bean Pies | 240-551-1879

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Radio Show Topics

Some of the Topics Include: Who Is Going to Hire Our Kids If We Don’t? The Numbers Don’t Lie – You Might be Doing Better Than You Thought Targeting by Profiling – It’s Not Just the New Jersey Police The Two-Step – Don’t Start Selling Too Early The 4P’s – It’s Not Your Dad’s Market Social Proof and Scarcity – Print Your Own Money Half-a-Brain – Right / Left The Life Cycles – Into Every Life Some Rain Must…

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