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Why Most Advertising Doesn’t Work

If you think your family is giving you a hard time now about this business you decided to start, we have some sobering news for you. Not only are bad advertising investments a waste of your advertising money, left unchecked,  they will eventually waste your office lease money, your payroll money, and (you’re going to hate this) eventually waste your personal money. That’s right! … mortgage money, car note money, rainy-day money, child’s-education-fund money, etc.

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Jingles & Audio Ads

If you thought your new logo created a buzz, just wait until your clients and colleagues hear your own customized jingle. That original tune you’ve been carrying around in your head since high school can now become a professionally produced jingle along with professional music and professional studio singers.

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Gatewood is Guest on SiriusXM’s Joe Madison Show

Whether with an effective advertising campaign, sound marketing strategy, profitable business development, a workforce strategy, or a cost-efficient web presence, our clients demonstrate how we can help you too! “If you have a non-profit organization or a business, I strongly recommend Gatewood for your marketing, web and/or workforce needs. These guys don’t play.  They tell you what you what they are going to do, then they do it. They have been my webmaster for many years and I’m happy to have them on the team.” -Joe…

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Graphic Design Services

Having a nice looking ad is one thing, having a nice looking ad that SELLS is another. Not only do we design attractive ads and literature, we make sure they pass the marketing tests so that they get results. For instance, did you know that if your ad is right-brained, and your target market happens to be left-brained, your ad is doomed to fail? Let us show you the difference!

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Web Development

As with everything we do, we make sure our websites pass the marketing tests so that they get results. For instance, did you know that most websites on the Internet are designed to appeal to men even though statistics show that web use among men and women is about evenly split?  That’s because most web designers aren’t marketers… we are!  Let us show you the difference!

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