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Robert Gatewood, MBA


  Robert L. Gatewood, is president and founder of Gatewood Marketing, Inc.  He has over 25 years of experience in advertising and marketing.  He is also a talkshow host, author, public speaker, professor, web strategist, graphic designer, political scientist, and business consultant for the SBA and the National Urban League. His multi-faceted abilities has created and contributed to many Internet, as well as, brick-and-mortar success stories by invoking creativity, vision, fiscal prudence and realistic expectations. Mr. Gatewood has worked with companies…

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What We Do

For the past 22 years, we have provided a variety of time-tested business development, workforce development, advertising, web strategy and branding services to businesses and non-profit organizations. Clients in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Charlotte, Detroit, and other areas of the country can attest to our dedication to  professionalism, friendliness, and promptness.

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