Is Your Website Secure?

Brute-force attacks (password guessing) by robots bombard websites on a daily basis. It is quite possible that your website is being attacked at this very minute.

In some cases, your website can be hit by thousands of attempts in a single day. Since the attacker is a robot, and not a person, it is tireless.

Without protection, it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when” an invader will get inside your website. Once that happens, your business world can be turned upside down, usually at the worst possible time.

Website security is vital to your business success. If people don’t feel safe on your site, they won’t come back. But if you can show visitors your site protects them from hackers and thieves, they’re more likely to complete forms, place orders and/or refer others.

You can take some basic steps to keep your website secure from the Top 10 Website Security Threats.

Basic Website Security Tips

Website security is an ongoing component of website management and maintenance. Some of the most basic security steps are below:

  • Change your password frequently, using a combination of numbers, cases and characters.
  • Limit access to your website to those you trust.
  • When employees and contractors leave your organization, remove their user ID’s.
  • Update your plugins to the latest version since many of the plug-in updates provide security patches.
  • Use CAPTCHA on your forms.
  • Add a site protection program to your server. (See example below. “SiteLock” is a brand name offered by Gatewood, and the brand offered by your hosting company may vary).


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