Website Maintenance and Graphic Design

Sometimes you need a design idea, a quick literature design, a website touch up, or you could need a combination of them all. Get one of our affordable design packages and relax knowing your professional look will reflect your great services!

Quick Hit
For those times when you need just a quick hit of professional design for a quick web update, business cards, social media profile, etc. (1 hrs@ $100 hr.)
Face Lift
Let Gatewood touch up your web content, create literature, or any job that helps gives your company the look to match your services. (4hrs @ $75 hr.)
Deal Closer
Right before that campaign or project launch, add Gatewood to your team and get the polished look to separate you from the pack. (10 hrs@ $50 hr.)
Webmaster Service – Monthly
We handle problems from visitors to your website. Service includes:
-Basic Maintenance
-Software Updates
-Security Monitoring
(Up to 1 hr per mo.)