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Robert Gatewood joins Darrell Spears in a discussion on whether social media is overrated or underrated.

Robert Gatewood clears up, once and for all, what `Marketing` actually is, and how to quantify it. Discover the metrics behind marketing success, and how to tell if your marketing efforts are taking you in the right direction.


You’ve heard the term “sharecropper” thrown around, but what does it mean? Son-of-a-Sharecropper, Robert Gatewood, breaks it down.  On this segment he also discusses uses for your logo and he makes selling simple by showing you how to sell a simple pencil.


Whether they are wearing pants, skirts, kilts, culottes or kaftans, your competition is coming after you. Gatewood explains in simple terms how to turn the competitive tide in your favor.


Have you have ever wondered what it takes to create a presence on the web? Domains, hosting, design, SEO … what does it all mean? Exactly what are the costs? Robert Gatewood breaks down the components of a website in easy-to-understand bytes.


Google is no longer sending mobile traffic to websites that are not mobile-friendly. Gatewood sheds light on responsive / mobile-friendly websites; tradeshow materials; and call-to-action.