Consultation Packages

Marketing Planning, Consultation & Strategy

Reduce your risks and increase your profits by investing in one of the affordable consultation packages below. Great for start-ups, do-it-yourselfers, multiple-hat-wearers, creative types, small offices, and anyone who needs a little help at a little cost.

Before making a major business decision, "brainstorm it" with Gatewood. Get ahead and jump start on the competition. Consultation & follow-up notes included! (1 hr@ $200 hr.)
Optimize your promotional ROI. Let Gatewood boost your ads, web, social, plans, etc. Time can be used in 15 min increments. Minimize risks, maximize profits! (2hrs @ $150 hr.)
Safety Net
Before launching a new company or major campaign, bring Gatewood on as your marketing advisor. Time can be used in 15 min increments. A safe peace-of-mind! (5 hrs@ $100 hr.)

All packages come with a satisfaction guarantee!